Training & Safety

Strength Training & Speed Development

Strength training & speed development are an integral part of our program. We want to increase power, flexibility, mobility, stability, & speed. We want all of our athletes to become bigger, faster, and stronger while also becoming closer as a team. The weight room is where a large portion of our family values are formed between teammates and coaches. There is something special about sweating together, working together, and supporting each other in the weight room. We will challenge all of our athletes to become the best version of themselves. We can always modify or supplement exercises if any of our athletes have an injury or limitation.


Rugby Style Tackling
Rugby style tackling has been proven to help prevent concussions and injuries. This style of tackling was introduced in 2014 by the Seattle seahawks. The main goal of this tackling technique is to take the head out of the tackle. This has helped prevent a lot of concussions and head impacts. Instead of using the head the athletes are using their shoulders and have been as productive if not more productive than head in tackling.

Full-Time Trainer
Gallatin High school has a full-time trainer at the school for all sport events/teams. She is on call to come out to the field for any injuries and has the resources and knowledge base to help any player.

Limited Contact in Practice
At Gallatin high school we have implemented a limited contact in practices. We work more on bags and less player vs. player competition which has led to a lower chance of injuries. This has also allowed us to work on more fundamental skills.

Guardian Caps
We have provided every player with a guardian cap to help fight the rise of concussions in sports. Guardian caps are a cushioned cap that can decrease G-force up to 33%. This has helped reduce the number of head injuries throughout practice.